el Sándwich Tostado

Cultural Event #3 

Last Friday I went to the DU Music Showcase. The performance was on campus in Davis auditorium, in sturm. There were 6 groups who preformed: 3 a cappella groups and 3 bands. The show was roughly an hour and a half long and the auditorium was nearly full. In fact, I arrived a little bit late, as there was traffic between cultural event 2 and 3, and I had a hard time finding a seat. The a cappella groups were so utterly impressive. It was fantastic seeing that because its not something I get to see often, especially live. The bands were almost equally impressive. The aspect that brings it all home is that these are my peers. It is so impressive, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them as a part of the DU community. 

This band was named Race Street Riot.

Note: that race street is one of the streets that runs through DU.